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Who We Are

Premisafe is a visitor housing society system considered as a premises safety product, the solution to manage societies, properties, and security-related issues. It combines various aspects of residential society management, such as the management of every member’s records, facilities, the vehicle in/out monitoring, properties, documents, etc.

Anyone associated with a residential complex may make use of Premisafe. It has characteristics that add tremendous benefits to the owners, tenants, residents, the premise management head like society secretary and chairman, etc. Premisafe is a product of MISCOS Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Our Features

We do not seem to be another housing security device for residents. Premisafe is a highly flexible smart digital platform that offers numerous functions, configured to suit multiple workflows and needs.

Track Family

The System has a facility to track Children & Elderly by the head of the family or authorised member based on their last location identity. The feature is available on both iOS and Android devises with facility to sync with other tracking devises like smart watches. The feature can be Switched Off/ On through the configuration panel on the App and ensures complete privacy to the users.

Police Verification

Premisafe has a police verification facility for the Housing Society / Residents by following a few simple steps. They can initiate the Police Verification request from the app itself while adding the new resident/ tenant/support staff/security guards/ for the premises. Residents can initiate the verification process for their house hold staff.

Attendance and Services

The App has an unique Digital reminder facility for its Residents to mark the daily attendance of their home staff like maids and drivers. Residents can also track their regular utilities like milk, newspaper and other services. The residents can manage their communication with the service provider through the App for seamless coordination for change in request for service timing or quantity.

Accounting and Billing

Premisafe addresses the long standing problem of society accounts through its flexible Accounting Head Based Finance Management System. Residents can receive maintenance bills and make payment through an integrated payment gateway that directly credits the Society Bank Account when payments are made by the residents. The system is designed to maintain all records of expenses by the Society for easy reconciliation and detailed reporting features.

Manage Multiple Properties

The platform has an intelligent design to manage multiple properties of the owners from a single mobile application. Property Management module enables the owners to access multiple features including the Security Guard feature for remote management of their properties.

Pre-invited Guest

Residents can invite guests visits in advance for their family & friends without compromising on personal data & privacy of the visitors. An OTP / QR Code validation features ensure safety and security of the premises without compromising personal data. This feature will enable the Security Staff as the first contact of Welcome to your guests keeping in line with the Indian Ethos of Athithi Devo Bhava instead of treating them as a threat to security of the building.

Vehicle Activity

The perfect way to find the right solution to vehicle tracking is undoubtedly to use Premisafe’s vehicle activity system. The system logs the In & Out of resident vehicles without investing and managing parking stickers or other gadgets. Residents can also utilise a virtual lock for their vehicle during their out station visits. You can also check the owner of the in premises for wrongly parked vehicles by just a few quick clicks.

AI Based CCTV Analysis

Our AI Based CCTV Analysis enhances premise safety. Hardware based module to analyse the camera recordings on the premises. Artificial Intelligent System extracts the clips of the human movements & saves them on a cloud facility for longer durations. Society management can view these feeds from the Mobile application which would be time saving as well as timely intervention based on the alerts.

Family Guest

Resident can extend or restrict the entry of family member as & when he needed to be, a feature designed to meet the needs of the Indian family tradition of extended family members without having to face the hassle of multiple security checks.

Domestic Staff Management

Premisafe has a developed a value add feature wherein Domestic Staff who have been engaged by other residents can be listed by profession and ranking in order to facilitate the society as a whole. Plumbers, Electricians and other specialised staff who are aware of the building can be easily contacted by the members through the app. The Police Verification feature assists in validating the credentials to ensure security to the members.

Virtual Notices

Premisafe provides the facility for seamless communication of the management with the residents to pass on any instructions or notices to all residents, groups or individuals through the app. It also facilitates residents to raise any complaints or suggestions to the society management.

Benefits It Offering

Invest in technology to render Premisafe a secure and convenient place for your premise.


Register each visitor's details and discourage any unwanted entry into the premise that will ensure the security of members of the household.

Information and Data

Complete verification of identification records (for example, police verification) with all the information of owners/residents/traders, housekeepers, staff, etc.

Better Community Connection

Notices / Important details can be sent to residents by clicking on it. It would make direct contact simpler and improve accountability among members of premise.

Staff Optimization

Attendance of all staff or workers or any complaint can be handled with this digital platform. You can keep your housekeeper's information from anywhere at fingertips.

Simplify Regular Activities

It decreases the everyday workload of the members of premise and make the information available in a timely manner and easily accessible from all around.

Multilingual Support

The system supports multiple languages. With such functionality, guards, workers, and anyone according to their convenience can adjust the application language to make it easily accessible for them.

Premisafe for Everyone

A digital platform available for security and management purposes. Try to get more advantages and making your life easier.

Premise Manager

For members of the premise and management bodies such as secretaries and owners to enhance safety.


Application for security guards to monitor visitors, employees, and vehicle entry/exit moments.


For residential communities, one with the best security solutions to make homes and premises safe and secure.


For chairman or director to oversee all operations of the premise. He can keep a watch on the overall functioning of premise.


Our Address

1204/22, 2nd Floor, Sarita Tarang Complex, Above Raymond Shop Opp. Balgandharva Police Chowki, Jangali Maharaj Rd, Shivajinagar, Pune, Maharashtra 411004

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