Who We Are

Premisafe is a visitor housing society system considered as a premises safety product, the solution to manage societies, properties, and security-related issues. It combines various aspects of residential society management, such as the management of every members' records, facilities, the vehicle in/out monitoring, properties, documents, etc.

Anyone associated with a residential complex may make use of Premisafe. It has characteristics that add tremendous benefit to the owners, tenants, residents, the society management head like society secretary and chairman, etc.


Build a digital platform that helps to enhance security measures through visitor monitoring while minimizing risks and liability and ensure that the checklist for transparency, approval, and regulation is complete.


Emerge and develop applications that substitute papers with digital solutions and Improving how people manage their security roles and manage future operational performance details.


Provide our clients with superior experience in order to accelerate the growth of the industry while relying on the ideals we aim to keep: innovation, excellence, and authenticity.

Advance Features!

We do not seem to be another housing security device for residents. Premisafe is a highly flexible smart digital platform that offers numerous functions, configured to suit multiple workflows and needs.

Visitor Management System

Keeps record of visitors to your society who visit and do not allow unauthorized guests, from anywhere, to enter. It assures that visitors are verified and permitted to enter only after approval from the owner on the premises.

Domestic Staff Management

If any helping staff like maid or cook visit for working in society, residents can find them on the digital platform easily. It also displays a list of all domestic workers such as plumbers, or electricians serving in your society, data obtained from the records of the resident.

Manage Multiple Properties

This platform is your one-stop solution, if you're an owner, society's secretary, or chairman who maintains a personal, leased, or multiple houses or properties. You can simplify work processes and organize the information, reducing the repetition of tasks and the complexity of everyday activities.

Pre Authorized Visitor

Residents can arrange guest visits in advance and allow visitors using our contactless entry option to enter the front desk, which is approved using OTP / QR Code validation, minimizing hassle and costs.

Vehicle Management System

The perfect way to satisfy your need is to find the right solutions is undoubtedly to use Premisafe 's vehicle management system. You want something that can track the in and out movement of the vehicles and also monitor them in the parking lot in a smart way.

Advertisement Management

Post ads on Premisafe and interact with people interested in buy/sell properties or goods or services or anything within your housing society and close deals in no time by generating many potential buyers or sellers.

Benefits It Offering

Invest in technology to render Premisafe a secure and convenient place for your society.


Register each visitor's details and discourage any unwanted entry into the society that will ensure the security of members of the household.

Information and Data

Complete verification of identification records (for example, police verification) with all the information of owners/residents/traders, housekeepers, staff, etc.

Better Community Connection

Notices / Important details can be sent to residents by clicking on it. It would make direct contact simpler and improve accountability among members of society.

Staff Optimization

Attendance of all staff or workers or any complaint can be handled with this digital platform. You can keep your housekeeper's information from anywhere at fingertips.

Simplify Regular Activities

It decreases the everyday workload of the members of society and make the information available in a timely manner and easily accessible from all around.

Multilingual Support

The system supports multiple languages. With such functionality, guards, workers, and anyone according to their convenience can adjust the application language to make it easily accessible for them.

Premisafe for Everyone

A digital platform available for security and management purposes. Try to get more advantages and making your life easier.

Society Manager

For members of the housing society and management bodies such as society secretaries and owners to enhance safety.

Society Guard

Application for security guards to monitor visitors, employees, and vehicle entry/exit moments.


For residential communities, one with the best security solutions to make homes and societies safe and secure.


For chairman or director to oversee all operations of the society. He can keep a watch on the overall functioning of society.