Video Description: Demonstration of caution generation is continued in this video while showing all validations on caution.

Terminal - Caution Relay

Video Description: Caution relay status to terminal & loco pilot reports with pending,delivered and received status. Caution apply overview is available in this video.

Terminal - Report

Video Description: Caution reports section wise with CI/TI/OHE and respective dates. Also caution print overview is present.

Display Panel

Video Description: Display panel to show important information about caution on particular location section wise, with auto scroll and text reading features.

Loco Pilot Device

Video Description: Loco pilot application to login as loco pilot from lobby and receive cautions at login time or on-the-go, while plotting OHE, umaned crossing on map. While facilitating voice record manual or automatic at time of unmaned railway crossing.

ASM Device

Video Description: ASM application to demonstrate the caution details loco pilot wise. A notification section to receive from central command, SOS section to create and see SOS, manual print caution displaying all trains with and without loco pilot application.

Web panel

Video Description: Web panel demonstration of all functionalities similar to as offered by Terminal like caution generation,edit,extend,cancel and remove. Also the management of devices in system. With a strong reporting system for all type of reports.